As we are a family-run B&B, we do not offer a 24 hour reception service as per a hotel. Instead, we ask you to please let us know your anticipated time of arrival at least 24 hours prior to your check-in.
It’s absolutely important to tell us at what time you will arrive, so that we can organize everything.  So please tell it us as soon as possible…

In accordance with Italian federal and state laws, when you check-in we will require you to show us an official form of identification to record for the Italian authorities. Acceptable forms include a passport, identity card or Driver’s Licence.

Upon presentation of a valid form of identification, we will fill out a ‘Scheda di Notifica’ (official ‘Notification’ of your stay for the Italian authorities), require payment of the outstanding balance on your account, as well as the Italian government Tourist Tax of 3,50 euro per day per person (payable for up to 10 days’ stay in Rome) and not required for children under 10 years of age.

Please ensure that you do not flush any bulky objects such as sanitary items down the toilet. Please ensure you use the bin provided.   Rome has an ancient plumbing system which must be respected !
Please also remember to switch off the lights and television whenever leaving your room.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in any area of the apartment both health and safety reasons, together with the basic respect for those guests that will use the room after you..

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