Letizia & Leticia

With the same name and the same Zodiac sign – Gemini – and from two extremely distant countries (geographically speaking) but very similar in culture, we met in Rome.Io sono Letizia, “romana di Roma” e sono felice di aprire le porte della mia casa. Sono un soprano, appassionata interprete di canzoni napoletane e musiche barocche, che ama l’arte, la cucina, i viaggi.

I am Letizia, “True Roman”, and I’m happy to welcome you into my house.

I am a soprano, passionate performer of the Neapolitan Song and Baroque Music, who loves art, food and traveling.

Letizia is Brazilian but with an Italian heart (Roman, actually!). She is a Food and Wine Journalist, foreign correspondent for Brazil. Tireless traveler, curious and fond of the “good life”.

Both of them have traveled the world for work – across all 5 continents – and with their wealth of experience they will be happy to show you, according to them, the most beautiful city in the world!

Leticia says about Letizia: “She’s always looking around for something special to take back home. It can be a flower, a new carpet, or a beautiful work of art.

Letizia says about Leticia: “Like every Gemini woman, every day she thinks about at least one new project. Her dream is to live in Rome forever, because here we have melon ice cream!

Tell us what you would like to do in Rome: art, music, history, shopping, food and wine? Or just relaxing with a glass of wine, contemplating the Roman sunset with its unique color…

We are writing for you a little guidebook where we recommend every place in Prati worth going: the best place to taste a cappuccino, the best carbonara pasta, the most fashionable place for the aperitif, the best place to eat a traditional supplì, an old traditional shop selling tailored hats…and much, much more!

After this journey, we hope that Prati will hold no more secrets for you and that, with our suggestions, you will have lived Rome like a true local and not like a simple tourist!


– Free Wi-Fi

– Fees include: Bed and Breakfast or Bed only

– Bed linen, towels and hairdryer

– Small Guidebook of the area

– Transfer from the airport

– Special customized tours on demand to know the authentic Rome and its surroundings:
• Tour Barocco
• Tour Panoramico
• Tour Roma by night
• Tour Tivoli
• Tour Enogastronomico
• Tour delle Basiliche
• Tour Shopping
• Tour Romantico

– Special tour for Napoli, Pompei, Costiera Amalfitana, Firenze , Assisi, Pisa

– Reservations of museums

– Secret dinners: Have your dinner at home like a true Roman!


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